Iron Cloud

is our team name and with team I mean Dominik Kirner and Max Schumayer. Here is the total collection of all projects, in the fields of 3D animation,CGI, and game development. Some were made during our university years in Offenburg.
And some is new stuff we are currently working on.

Enjoy our little collection.


Your team Iron Cloud,

Dominik & Max




New Stuff

ArcherGirlIconSmallArcher Girl

Our new 2D game project




DemonSwordSmallIconDemon Sword

A small character design to keep our skills sharp.







Student Projects


Our game for our bachelor thesis.




SpaceJunk01_ThumbnailSpace Junk

Our attempt on CGI and live action film making. And yes the title hold it’s premise.




The Scout Movie

The second animated movie we made in the 6th semester.




The Scout Game

Our first Project in the field of creating a video game.




Werzalit Werzalit_LeftSide_Ortho002_001_Thumbnailcongress booth

Some realistic render pictures of a congress booth for the german company Werzalit.